1. Refractive index of the conductive collision magnetized plasma and polarization coefficients have been obtained generalizing well-known formula (Ginzburg, V.L., Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Plasma. New York: Gordon and Beach, 1961). It contains: magneto-ionic parameters; longitudinal, transversal (Pedersen) and the Hall’s conductivities; collision frequencies; the magnetic declination and the dip angles of the geomagnetic field; the angle between the propagation vector of the wave and the external magnetic field. This formula is valid for all altitudes of the terrestrial atmosphere.
2. Polarimetric parameters of scattered electromagnetic waves in the turbulent conductive collision magnetized plasma have been calculated using the spectral method offered by us taking account the boundary conditions. Stokes parameters contains all above-mentioned parameters, thickness of a plasma slab and correlation function of electron density fluctuations.

G. V. Jandieri and Akira Ishimaru „Polarimetric Parameters of Scattered Electromagnetic Waves in the Conductive Magnetized Plasma”. ABSTRACT PIER 2021

AEM 2022

The obtained results will have application in satellite communication, radar systems, remote sensing and signal processing.

New effects

The refractive indices and polarimetric parameters of scattered ordinary and extraordinary electromagnetic waves in the conductive polar and equatorial regions of the terrestrial atmosphere have been patented. These parameters contain Hall’s, Pedersen and longitudinal conductivities.

“Double-Humped effect”
George Jandieri “Double-Humped Effect in the Turbulent Collision Magnetized Plasma”. PIER M 1 video 2 video

“Compensation Effect”   PIER M 2021

“Diffusion Instability effect”